Monday, December 3, 2012


Introduction to the Second Volume of Children of the Manse  

 I stopped blogging five months ago on the subject of adoption because I had said all I wanted to say in support of my first book, Children of the Manse. That book ended after the four of us, adopted from a county orphanage in southern Ohio, had lived with our new parents, Fred and Evelyn Luchs, for one year.  Readers have often asked me, “And then what happened?  How did you all turn out?” That’s the subject of the second volume, which follows the four of us through the critical adolescent years into adulthood. That book is three-quarters done. 

I have decided to begin posting some chapters of this second volume on my website as I finish it.  The first such chapter is “Knox Summers; Joining the Clan.”  The success of our adoption as four older children with a background of neglect and abandonment was in part due to the manner in which we were welcomed by all members of the Coulter (our adoptive mother’s maiden name) and Luchs extended families.   Because of its length, this chapter will be posted in two parts.